Pens Only was born in the summer of 2016, and is the product of love which four friends share on writing with traditional instruments such as fountain pens and quality writing paper, to name a few.

While by no means we have extensive experience or expertise on the subject, our passion for  good writing instruments and traditional writing has lead us over the years to experiment enough; this has now brought us to a point where we have built a fair and ever-growing collection of pens, inks, pencils and other writing accessories – the impressions and use of which we thought could be beneficial to share.

Pens Only is Dimitris, Fotis, Harry and Konstantinos .

Dimitris is a research director at a global IT consulting firm. Born in Athens, Greece and educated in the UK, he spends plenty of time with his four children when off work. In addition and when not travelling internationally, he aspires to keep improving his soap-making skills and learn more on fountain pen repair techniques.

Fotis is a field service engineer. Born and educated in Athens, Greece , he spends a fair amount of his day visiting hospitals all around the country. When off duty he tries hard to improve further his macro photography skills and to try few more fountain pen inks or a few more shaving soaps.

Harry is a banker dealing with real estate. Born in Athens, Greece and educated in Athens and Manchester, the father of three works extensive hours at the bank, only to come home late evening and listen to one of his late dad’s vilyl classical music LPs in his Linn Sondek turntable or to hone one more vintage straight razor from his small collection.

Konstantinos is a naval architect. Born in Athens, Greece and educated in the U.K. and U.S., he spent a decade working in Piraeus, Greece as a maritime consultant before moving to Asia for another decade. He loves travelling, photography and writing.