Review: Kaweco Sport

In a previous post I had expressed my opinion about Kaweco Sport and whether or not pleases me aesthetically with its design. But when we were invited to attend the event for the celebration of Kaweco’s 135 years, I could not deny Mr Balla’s offer. I now have a fountain pen which was assembled on the spot with colors and materials of my choice.

Therefore, one will not be able to find the pen with the color combination shown in this presentation. Of course this is not a problem.


Kaweco Sport – I assume- fully meets the requirements according to which it was designed and built. It is a pen, with particularly small size, very lightweight and very durable at the same time. It has a short body and a large screw-on cap, which has an octagonal shape for most of its length and towards the ends rounds off. At its top, it bears the company logo, in a metallic finishthat has  the same color as the nib. The grip is – necessarily – small, so those who have big fingers or are used to hold their pen higher may be disturbed by the thread.

The construction material is plastic and in general it has a good finish. It is not unlikely, however, that marks and lines appear on the body of the pen, from the use and mainly because of contact and “friction” with the cap.

Due to the popularity of the model, the maker has released not a few variations of both colors and materials. In addition to the Skyline & Classic series, there is the Sport Ice version with a transparent body and a translucent cup and grip. There is also the AL Sport version made with aluminum and AC Carbon, which combine aluminum with carbon fiber! The color palette has no limits either, as the Kaweco Sport has been released in – literally – dozens of colors.

The Nib

The Sport is usually available with a stainless steel nib, either in steel’s colour (see Skyline) or gold-plated (see Class). However, the company has many variants of this nib not only on the stainless steel version, eg. Double Broad (BB) or Calligraphy, as well as in gold with 14k gold nibs.

To my great surprise, mainly influenced by the total cost of the pen, the nib is great in use. Although small in size (I think #5) the pen has an excellent and is trouble-free. The flow is intense and continuous, and I have never noticed startup problems even after a long period of non-use. Similarly, I have never noticed skipping during writing. Regarding the ink filling, the pen can be loaded with Standard International cartridges, and there is also a converter specifically for this model.


Undoubtedly, Kaweco Sport is a fountain pen for mistreatment. In my opinion, its disadvantage, the large and poorly designed cup, is at the same time its big advantage. Protects the body and nib against any maltreatment. Moreover, the very low cost (starting from € 25 for the plastic version) eliminates any hesitation for frequent use in any circumstance.

Furthermore, the peculiar features of the pen, such as its many intense colors,its size, its weight, the consruction quality etc, make it ideal even for younger users. It could be a first-rate choice for a gift to a child or teenager who wants to start his trip to the pen.

Length (Capped): 105,8mm
Length (Uncapped): 100,2mm
Length (Posted): 133,8mm
Barrel Diameter: 11,2mm
Grip Diameter: 9,3-10,0mm
Weight: 11,34gr (απο το web)
Fill type: International Cartridge (short)

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