Pelikan Hub 2018 – Athens

Pelikan, being faithful to tradition, organized its 5th annual Pelikan hub in September, giving hundreds of its faithful fans the opportunity to get to know each other and meet once again to spend a wonderful few hours discussing their favorite hobby, fountain pens.

Just as we had announced in a recent blog post, the responsibility for organizing this year’s Hub was with Mr Athanasios Evaggelidis who held the event in his store, Pen Home, located in central Athens, near Syntagma Square.

Mr Evaggelidis with the author of this article

Attendance was a record high and well above all expectations: there were 38 official registrations for the event, but according to Mr Evaggelidis, more than 50 fountain pen friends attended. More surprising was the fact that there were participants from Bulgaria, Serbia and even the United Kingdom!

The record attendance was also driven by the legacy of Mr Evaggelidis’s store and its location, as many participants didn’t even know about the happening, but participated nonetheless due to the high attendance when passing by.

As expected, there were many surprises and give-aways. The official Pelikan distributor in Greece not only participated in the event, but also provided 6 recently released M120N Iconic Blue Special Edition fountain pens. Mr Evaggelidis provided 6 rare, collectible Pelikan M600 fountain pens (old style, made in West Germany). All of these were put in a prize draw during the event and to my great surprise – and delight – I was one of the winners!

One of the lucky winners of a Pelikan M120N

One of the lucky winners of a Pelikan M600

One of the collectible Pelikan M600 fountain pens

The main topic of the event was to get to know Pelikan products and of course, there were old, rare and even off-the-shelf products.







Personally speaking, and having participated in a Pelikan hub for a second time, I now realize that there is a large fountain pen audience in Greece and this kind of event is quite anticipated. Closing this blog post, I would like to say that I am impatiently expecting next year’s event and noting that the bar is set very high!

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