Review: Franklin Christoph Model 27 Collegia


Franklin Christoph is a pens company that we have talked again in the past. It is a small craft penny on the west coast of the United States.

In 2012 there was made a deal with the Badger & Blade Shaving Forum, which also has its headquarters in the US. The deal was to release a limited edition of 50 pieces (pens and rollerballs) of Model 27 Collegia in black (Tuxedo), exclusively for forum members. When those 50 pieces run out, the manufacturer released some pieces in Royal Blue. The purchase cost of the pen was $70 with free worldwide shipping and lifetime warranty.

I decided to buy the pen and, in fact, it was the second fountain pen I bought after Parker IM. Because of a company’s mistake, I received the limited version of the forum, but I decided to keep it as it was, firstly because I was also a member and secondly because I wanted to avoid the hassle of sending it backand waiting for a new pen.


The pen is entirely constructed in metal. It has a relatively large, chrome-plated, screw-on cap and its clip, which is spring loaded, performs the job for which it’s designed without being too stif.

The filling system is the well-known International Type Cartridge / Converter, with converter being included in the packaging. In fact, the pen can accept even the longest ink cartridges.

The cap has etched stripes parallel to its axis and a black plastic ring at the point where the clip joints. At its base, instead of the manufacturer’s name, the name of the forum has been laser-engraved along with its emblem on top, instead of the usual Gothic “F”.

On the clip, we find the 4 diamonds that are the manufacturers identity, in some way. The large weight of the cup as well as its length makes it very difficult or impossible to write with the pen posted.

On the pens body , I find two oddities. The first is the fact that the back of the body is screwed. That is, the pen has a blind cap without any obvious reason.

The second and most annoying is that the thread for the cup is on the grip and not on the body of the pen. This often results in unscrewing the body and leaving the rest of the stem screwed to the cup, especially if someone is in a hurry!

Also, due to the construction material, the body of the pen is dyed and in some “difficult” spots the paint has peeled off. But that could be said to give the character a penny.







In addition to the blue color (Royal Blue) of the pen of the presented and the black (Tuxedo) I have already mentioned, the pen was released in the following colors: Orange, Maroon, Green, light Blue, Red, dove Gray and fully Chrome plated (body and cup).

The Nib

For those who know or have even searched for F.C. will know that he has exclusive cooperation with the internationally renowned nibmeister Michael Masuyama. From the re-establishment of the company until recently (around 2015) there was the possibility of buying a pen with a nib processed by M. Masuyama at no extra cost. Today specialty nibs cost $45 and this amount is added to the pens cost, if someone wants such a nib.

Taking advantage of the above offer, I ordered the pen with Medium Stub nib. This means that the vertical lines are much thicker than the horizontal ones. Of course this kind of “grinding” does not fit in all the circumstances, so a little later I ordered a factory nib in medium. The size of the nib is #5. Small relativly but due to pens thin grip, it has aesthetic continuity to the pen.




The company offers the possibility of ordering a  stainless steel (High Performance Steel) or 18k gold with a great variety of writing thicknesses. Unfortunately, my own often encounters start-up problems, especially after periods of non-use.


There are many reasons to love this pen and that’s why I’ve acquired a second nib to use it more often. Heavyweight, durable construction. Beautiful – at least in my eyes.

Unfortunately, the company’s policy of not having dealers but also withdrawing some models after a certain period of availability, makes it quite difficult for someone to get Model 27 Colegia.

Length (Capped): 139,8mm
Length (Uncapped): 123,7mm
Length (Posted): 153,6mm
Barrel Diameter: 12,9mm
Grip Diameter: 10,5-12,2mm
Weight: 46,78gr (from the web)
Fill type: International Cartridge/Converter

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