Review: Diamine Oxford Blue

The Company

Diamine was founded in 1864 and since its transfer to Liverpool during 1925, is still producing ink for fountain pens and other uses.

In the field of the fountain pens, in addition to the company’s regular colors, it often releases special and limited edition inks, making its color palette one of the three biggest in the world, if not the biggest.


The Diamine Oxford Blue ink was first released in the summer of 2016. Following the company’s usual practice, regular production inks are available for sale in two types of bottles: a small, 30ml plastic vial and a large, 80ml glass bottle, which comes in a cardboard box. It has a base dimension of 2.15×2.15cm and a height of 3.7cm. Apart from the luxurious look, this shape gives stability to the bottle making it impossible to tip and spill. The nozzle diameter is about 1.4cm. As far as I know, it has not yet been released into cartridges.

The Ink

Justifying its name, it is a dark blue, deep with interesting and charming shadows. I would say that its color is between Midnight Blue and Blue Black, of the same company, while in my case, during its first uses it looked very much like the Pelikan 4001 Blue Black (probably due to the use of finer nibs). In fountain pens with rich flow, the blue character of the ink is clearly shown.

Mechanical Properties & Behavior on Paper

The ink’s mechanical properties are well above average: it doesn’t have any negative features that stand out and doesn’t disappoint. It offers a continuous and smooth flow, without drying the pen. I have not noticed problems even after a long period of non-use of the pen.




Left: Almost no showthrough on Rhodia paper.

Up: Visible but not disturbing showthrough on cheap paper (80gsm)


The ink behavior on paper is excellent. Depending on the paper (weight-quality), there may be a minimum showthrough, but it is not annoying nor making it difficult to use the page on both sides.  I do not remember having ever noticed feathering, regardless of the paper.


Complete lack of feathering


Diamine Oxford Blue, is surely a formal ink. Suitable for use in any circumstance, but it is mostly recommended for those cases that prestige is required and the signatures need gravity. I think it deserves the warrant to this name.

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