Review: Nussbaum Nicholas

The Company

Nussbaum Pen Co is not a known pen manufacturer. In fact, it’s not even a manufacturer. Nussbaum is called the company that used to manage the eshop “”, which no longer exists. Sometime in 2013 or 2014 they decided to release a series of models with names borrowed from each member of the family. Nicholas is the youngest son of the family and he borrowed his name to the model of the presentation.



It is a pen made of acrylic, with black trim and chrome plated details. The barel and cap in blue tones shows the well-known marble effect, that is, the colors and shades that are formed resemble the “waters” and the folds that appear in the marble. It shows particularly interesting iridescences and shadows, which in my opinion is the strongest point of the pen.


The cap looks disproportionate to the length of the pen and has a centerband with silver (chrome plated) greek key (meandros). The sword like clip has not lot of little tolerance and flexibility, while the point that comes in contact with the lid is particularly sharp, which can have a nasty effect on a thin cloth, like a shirt for example. Also the cap screws into the body and requires 1.5 turns to screw or unscrew completely.

The grip is rather short on the fingers of an adult. However, its design with the curve inwards gives comfort in holding, even for long-term use. The thread slightly further behind, along with the “step” that is formed with the body of the pen, does not give difficulties or gets noticed during use.


The filling method is the well-known International Cartridge/ Convertor, which was included in the purchase package. Despite the length of the body of the pen, it only fits the small ink cartridges.

The Writing Experience

IMG_3060The pen has a steel nib, made in Germany. As I can recall, it was only released in Medium size. By construction, the nib has an imperfection because the slit is not exactly in the middle so that its two tines have differrent width. I do not believe it affects the writing performance. Before the presentation, I had a long time to use it and once I filled it up and tried to write, I found a problem. Specifically the tines had been missalligned with one being below the other, without having any explanation for the cause. This has resulted “hard” writing, skipping mainly on rightstrokes and generally unpleasant feeling. With a little effort, the nib returned to its original state.




In general the feed has provides good flow and the writing is smooth and pleasant. Depending on the paper, it has moderate to minimal feedback. It writes relatively thin for medium but rich enough even with inks that are not famous for their rich flow.






The pen was originally sold for $80 but was bought on sale – probably the last piece – with a 50% discount. At this price and if we take into account the above-average quality of manufacture (excluding nib) and the very beautiful material, this is a good choice. Robust and well-off, you can have it with him, without fear of losing it or doing anything.

It was also accompanied by a nice single-pen leather case made by Ascot, instead of a card box!

Technical Specifications

Length (Capped): 141,4mm
Length (Uncapped): 115,4mm
Length (Posted): 170,2mm
Barrel Diameter: 12,2mm
Grip Diameter: 9,5-11mm
Fill type: International Cartridge/Converter

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