Pelikan Hub 2017

Come mid-September, fountain pen fans around the world rejoice as Pelikan organizes its annual gathering, called Pelikan Hubs. Similar to last years’ events, this takes place the same day, same time in major cities around the world.


This year, the responsibility – and honour – for organizing the Athens meeting was with Mr Dimitris Zafeiriou, who is also an avid fountain pen user and his shop is one of the most popular with Greek fountain pen fans. The Athens Pelikan hub 2017 meeting took place in his shop and hosted about 30 people, quite a high number for Athenian standards!


Attendees included people of different ages, women and men, friends but mostly strangers before this meeting, which lasted 3 hours of interesting discussions about fountain pens and inks.


All attendees were gifted the ink of the year, Pelikan Smoky Quartz, and two lucky attendees also received two gifts, courtesy of Mr Zafeiriou, after a draw.


Most of us left the shop with several items, as the shop’s collection was too much to resist!


Some people bought small, some other big, but everyone was happy to see so many friends and discuss about our favourite hobby. There aren’t many gatherings like this one in Athens and everyone thought it was an excellent meeting, much bigger than previous years.

Also, everyone wished the same when leaving:

“Until next time!”

We hope Mr Zafeiriou – and other fountain pen retailers – will continue to host such meetings for us.




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