Review: Delta Vintage Deep Ocean

The Company

It was during 1982 when 3 friends in Italy decided to restore the charm and finesse of writing instruments of the 1920s and 1930s, both in terms of design and materials. So they founded Delta.

Expensive materials and elaborate decorations provide the necessary luxury that characterizes the company’s products. Many of them are collectible and are released in limited editions.

One of the most affordable models, perhaps the most economical one, is Delta Vintage.



It is very likely that the main reason for its low price, is its lilliputian size. It’s design is simple and austere while its ends are flat, with the centre of the pen slightly wider than its ends.


But the big advantage of the pen is its material. Not only this version(Deep Ocean), but also the rest of the series (Green, Ruby Red, White Acrylic and Lava Stone). Resin with glossy finish, colors with shades that play in the light and produce beautiful iridesis and reflections.


The screw cap, on the top, has a metal inset with the company emblem and just needs a turn to fully screw. The clip is almost triangular and ends up with the familiar washer that often appears, both in the pens of the house and in pens of other Italian manufacturers. At the other end, it has metal finishes with golden detail and engraved with the name Delta.

According to the manufacturer, the metal parts are platinum plated and the detail in the centerband, gold-plated.

The Writing Experience



The No5 steel nib, visually blends harmonicly with the size of the pen. 

IMG_1919Among other things, it carries the emblem of the company while on the side there is the F signifying the size of the nib.

One would expect a steel nib to have a strange and “harsh” writing experience. Strangely, this is not the case. The pen slides nicely on the paper while the feedback, the information that returns to the user, is minimal and is mainly perceived by lower quality paper. Also remarkable is the absence of sound during writing. I have not noticed problems during use, such                                                   as starting or skipping.




First of all, I have to make this clear: the pen was bought new and unused from a well-known Italian store on a large international auction site. It costed me about half of the retail price usually sold, which varies between 120-130 €. I suspect that this store sells pens that for some reason have not passed the manufacturer’s quality control . The pen has some minor imperfections. The Delta logo on the centerband is not aligned with the clip, and the lid seemed to be twisting when screwed. As if there was a defect in the thread. This of course has been corrected by use.

At the price I got it, the pen pleases me a lot. I do not mind its short length. On the contrary, this in some cases facilitates. Writing quality is good, without any fluctuations in performance. I particularly like the resin material, both in colors and feel when touching.



An important drawback is the fact that it only accepts Standard International Cartidge. The small length of the body does not allow the use of a converter. Thanks to its material it could be turned into an eyedropper, with proper sealing of course.

Technical specifications

Length (Capped): 125,7mm
Length (Uncapped): 111,8mm
Length (Posted): 145mm
Barrel Diameter: 12.9mm
Grip Min Diameter: 9,4mm
Grip Max Diameter: 11,3mm
Weight, Capped (with ink): 18g (από το web)
Fill type: Standard International Cartridge– Eyedropper

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