Review: Franklin Christoph Model 20 Marietta

The Company

The Franklin Christoph company began its operations in 1901 in Georgia, United States, producing ceramic and porcelain goods. During 2001 the company pivoted away from its established business and presented its first F-C pen, codenamed 01 IPO.

All models feature a two-digit number and a descriptive word, such as Model 20 Marietta, Model 27 Collegia, Model 40 Panther etc. Unfortunately -in my view- the various models do not stay long in production, only a few years. As a result, some are hard to find.

The company’s products (pens, pencils, ballpens) are offered in a variety of materials, colors and finishes. The fountain pens are available with two types of nib. Stainless steel (High Performance Steel) and rhodium plated 18k gold. Thanks to the collaboration with the well-known nibmeister Michael Masuyama, there is always the possibility of buying a pen nib special grounded, such as stub, italic, needlepoint and beyond.




The fountain pen Model 20 Marietta, except for Black, which is shown in the pictures, is also available in the colors: Tiger Red, Maya Blue and Vintage Green. The manufacturer also gives the ability to order with clip or clipless.

The design is very simple and classic, based on figures of past decades. At first sight, the pen looks very bulky, both in length and in diameter. Despite its dimensions, it is incredibly light, since its weight without ink is just 22.7 grams.


The absence of thread for the cap gives a continuous, uniform shape to the pen, which is only interrupted by the double groove that appears three times in the pen. Twice in the body and one in the cap. As seen onthe pictures, the snap cap lacks a centerband to strength it, absorbing the closing pressure. On the top of it, is etched the Gothic “F” -company’s emblem- with four diamonds. The diamonds are also engraved with Laser on the stainless steel clip.


The Writing Experience


The No6 size nib does not dominate the whole, neither is particularly masterful, since a part of it (approx. 2 mm) is inserted into the grip section. Bearing symmetrically engraved branches and has laser printed the same «F» that is founf on the cap. Because of its material, the nib does not have any flexibility,but its performance is exceptional.

Initially, on simple or inexpensive paper there is minimum feedback, which disappears when using quality, soft paper (see. Rhodia). In general, the pen’s performance is stable. Starting or skippinghave never occured, even with high writing speed.

Unfortunately, like all products from this manufacturer, the pen can only be found on the website or in the few cooperating with him online stores. The cost starts at $ 165 and can get as high as $ 275 with 14 carat gold nib, edited by Mr. Masuyama.


Due to the construction material, the pen can be used in 3 ways. Besides the classic standard international cartridge / converter, it can be used as an eyedropper, with appropriate thread sealing of course. Also accepts larger cartridges.



As a conclusion, I consider Marietta a very good pen. In addition to simple, classic design, the quality materials offer a nice feel. It is worth noting that like all the pens, are accompanied by an elegant leather case with zipper. Certainly more useful than the bulky box that we typically find when buying a new pen and little use has, after purchase.

In contrast, it is difficult for anybody to get a pen from the other side of the Atlantic and risky to give money for a product that has never felt in his hands. The light weight will definitely surprise the user during the first contact. Another disadvantage of the pen is the fact that while placing the cap, there is no way to understand when to stop. This term, may prove detrimental to the lid.

Additionally, I would like to mention that there is always great communication with the  company. Although I would prefer a little more detailed quality control of the finished product.

Technical specifications


Length (Capped): 139,8mm
Length (Uncapped): 123,7mm
Length (Posted): 153,6mm
Barrel Diameter: 12,9mm
Grip Min Diameter: 10,5mm
Grip Max Diameter: 12,2mm
Weight, Capped (with converter): 22,7g (from th web)
Fill type: Standard International Cartridge/Converter – Eyedropper

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