Review: Flexbook

There are many notebooks available in the market, but unfortunately a few are suitable for writing with a fountain pen.

The Notebooks of the Greek company “The Writing Fields”are unique due to their binding, which enables them to be fold without losing their cohesion. Their durability is exceptional.


The paper is ivory type 85gr. It is available as lined or blanc in various sizes, as well as diary with open date.


The flexbook is bind with textile (linen) and recently leather versions were released.

The paper has a relatively porous texture and a cream colour which I think is very attractive and easier on the eyes.




It performs well with any pen or ink that I have used. “Show-through” is acceptable for my standards.



It is available in many  stores in Greece (including Public and Papasotiriou) as well as through the Flex book eshop. Depending on the size, prices are between €8.5-€13.5.

One of my favorites notebooks and my daily choice at work.


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